Next Conference

The 2017 ENN conference will be in Stockholm. Organizers are Sara Packalén and Jonas Olson. More information is available here:

Daniel Fogal (Uppsala): ‘The Moral Significance of Normative Beliefs’

Anandi Hattiangadi (Stockholm): ‘Can Expressivists have Genuine Normative Disagreements?’

Felix Koch (Freie Universität, Berlin): ‘What is Endorsement?’

Sara Packalén (Stockholm): ‘Internalism and Externalism about Epistemic Norms’

Christian Piller (York): ‘Theories of Epistemic Normativity’

Mona Simionescu (Leuven): ‘Epistemic Norms, Action and Practical Reasoning’

Jonathan Way (Southampton): ‘The Distinctiveness of Fittingness’

Daniel Whiting (Southampton): ‘Bringing Higher-Order Evidence Down to Earth’